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The University of Buffalo conducted a study that looked at the effect of respiratory training on swimming performance. They found huge increases in performance after 9 weeks of breath training. Lead researcher Claes Lundgren summarized the findings,

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Whenever you do any kind of breath training in water, you need to have a buddy. I cannot stress this enough. Please do not attempt underwater breath holds without someone there watching you. Even if you are only in a few feet of water, you can still drown. Shallow water blackouts are very common in free diving. You must take this training seriously.

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Before we get into how to improve your breath hold, let’s quickly look at what the elite performers in the world can do to see what the human body is capable of. Right now, the world record for breath-holding underwater is over 77 minutes by Stig Severinsen! 6

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As a surfer, the ability to hold my breath for over 8 minutes has completely changed what’s possible with my surfing. It’s allowed me to surf more challenging waves that I would have been too scared to surf in the past. The confidence it’s given me has been huge, and it’s spilled over into other parts of my life as well.

How to do it: Lie in a comfortable position with one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. As you take a big inhale, breathe into the hand that’s on your stomach, expanding your belly while keeping your chest still.

There are no fancy secrets, and no need to breathe pure oxygen beforehand. All you need is a few strategies, a belief in yourself, and a little bit of practice. Read on for the technique I used to increase my breath-hold from 95 seconds to well over 8 minutes under water.

This style of breathing requires you to use the big diaphragm muscle that sits just above your stomach. Belly breathing can help reduce stress by allowing you to access the parasympathetic nervous system. This is the “rest and digest” part of your nervous system, which works in direct contrast to the sympathetic system, the one responsible for “fight or flight”.

Just like how muscles grow stronger from the stress of lifting weights, training your breath will make you a better breather and thereby save vital energy for muscular output.

After 5 rounds of purging breaths, return to normal breathing for 65 seconds.

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I suspect that there are benefits from learning to control your breathing and to breath holding. I am just not sure they have been elucidated in any scientific studies yet.

Objectives of Belly Breathing:
• Reduce your heart rate.
• Decrease your stress hormones.
• Provide more oxygen to your muscles.

Very very help full technique. I could go up to minutes in the very first try and believe it is really great for the new learners. I also feel that practicing this will lead to at least 65-75% improvement. Thanks a lot for sharing it

Al Lee, the author of Perfect Breathing , states, “By increasing the strength and stamina of your respiratory system, your breathing becomes more efficient, requiring less energy—which leaves more energy for the motor muscles and whatever task or activity you’re involved in.”

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